Infographic: Beer Versus Wine

Definitely worth a reblog, since I speak about beer with such (sometimes too much) reverence. It’s always nice to have data back you up.

Thanks to the Beer & Whiskey Brothers for bringing this to my attention.


Beer & Whiskey Brothers


This nice camparo between the world’s greatest beverage and one made with grapes is making rounds across the Internet, thanks to FinancesOnline.

While it’s very informative and pretty to look at, it bothers me a bit that beer isn’t declared the hands-down winner at the bottom (I’m a sucker for a happy ending).  What’s more disturbing is the very real trend that’s pointed out about a quarter way through – beer once used to be the darling beverage in the USA, having a 20-point edge over wine in popularity polls.  That’s now dwindled down to 1 percent and will probably continue to slip, which is a total buzzkill for beer fans.  But hell, it’s Monday – the whole day is a buzzkill! 

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