Sacred Cow IPA – Arbor Brewing Company – Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti

Sacred Cow IPA - Arbor Brewing Company

Sacred Cow IPA – Arbor Brewing Company

Sacred Cow IPA from Arbor Brewing Company (ABC) – Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti

Yes, my first entry raises a few questions. So I’ll get them out of the way now:

Why am I drinking out of a Wal Mart drinking glass and not a proper pint?

  • I’m on a budget. It was either nice glasses or beer. I think I made the right choice.

Why choose this as my first beer?

  • It was on sale. Plus it’s called “Sacred Cow.” If there is a sure fire way to get me to drink your beer, it’s savings and sacrilege.

Why an IPA from Ann Arbor?

  • Well, I tried to find something from Lansing but I couldn’t. As for the choice of IPA, it still remains my go-to style. You go to a new Thai restaurant, you order the Pad Thai. You go to a new burger joint, you order a cheeseburger with the works. I go to a new beer place, I get me an IPA.

Now with that out of the way, to the beer.

Nerd time:

It had a bright citrus and hops smell, as one would expect. The grapefruit stood out right away and dominated most of the scent. I was also greeted by an old NW friend: cascade hops. It was subtle, but prevalent enough amongst the burnt caramel hoppy goodness.

The brightness of the nose belied the actual heavy taste, as is the case with many IPAs. Immediately the grapefruit just sinks on to your tongue, like a miasma falling out of the air. It’s not grapefruit juice, either. More the heavy, bitter effect of biting in to the fruit itself. The grapefruit and maltiness had a bigger feature than the hops, leading to a much heavier beer than expected from the IPA label. As the initial weight subsides, the burnt flavor of the hops trails off to a dry finish.

This beer felt more like a PA than an IPA, but classifications are for the boring so ABC can call it what they want. All in all I was pleased with it as a drinkable. The heavy bitter grapefruit blast might turn off some, but I like grapefruit. Not one I may recommend off the top of my head as some sort of exemplary brew, but I’d never turn it down and will always consider buying it when it’s on sale.

The whens, the whats and the whys:

I picked up this beer from the local Meijer to celebrate the new apartment, the new blog and the disappearance of a week long stomach bug I was fighting. I drank it as I toiled away with my oh-so-arduous Internetings and my girlfriend churned away with her Law books. I do feel guilty drinking in the middle of the week as she works so industriously every night, but sometimes duty calls.

A cool apartment and a shared blanket on a futon calls for more of a heavier beer, like a thick chocolate porter, but the weight of this beer didn’t disappoint as a sipper. It’s meaty enough to satisfy as gulps between paragraphs (or youtube videos), but the dry back end lets you chug away if you’re thirsty.

It tasted fine drinking straight from the bottle as well. I’d imagine it’d work great at a BYOB house party. It’s nice out of the bottle, so you don’t have to pretentiously find a glass. It’s full of flavor, but not so complex that it takes attention to drink. It also has a great conversation starter name:

“Whatchya drinkin?”

“Sacred Cow!”

See. It works.

All in all a good, average “India” pale ale that I recommend picking up if the price is right or the mood hits your for some grapefruit with your beer.