Reno’s Sports Bar & Grill East

Rams almost beating the Seahawks

My St. Louis Rams were scheduled to get beat up on Monday Night Football, so I figured it’d be a good excuse to check out my first East Lansing sports bar. I threw on my Rams T-shirt and walked over to Reno’s Sports Bar & Grill East to join a business associate of mine. While the Rams lost the game only one yard from victory, I enjoyed the night. Good company, good place and of course, good beer.

Nerd time:

Rye of the Tiger Rye IPA – Great Lakes Brewing Company – Cleveland, OH

Le Batteur Biere de Garde – Bell’s Brewing, Inc. – Kalamazoo

Sustenance Black Beir – Short’s Brewing Company – Bellaire

I drank those. If I had to critique them off the top of my head, the Rye was good, the Batteur was alright and the Sustenance was delicious. For the night, though, they were all excellent since Reno’s runs a “1/2 off select Michigan Pints” special on Mondays. At $2.50 a pint, every craft brew is a must try.

(And yes. Apparently Michigan is trying to claim Great Lakes as their own. I won’t stop them if they keep putting it on the half off menu.)

I’d tell you more about the beers but:

  1. That wasn’t the point of the night
  2. Sometimes a beer nerd has to take his nose out of the glass and just drink the damn thing
  3. I forgot my Moleskine, so I couldn’t take notes

There is no doubt I’ll willingly run into each of them again in the future.

So how was the place?:

I’m very glad that the closest bar to my apartment is a must-return. It’s very clean and professional. No dive bar vibe. It’s also pretty big with what looked like two bars, a restaurant area and patio seating for the warmer seasons. The size and structure made the whole bar (& grill) feel open, which I appreciated. I get a bit perturbed in claustrophobic bars.

They have a large variety of beers on tap. I got caught between a restocking lull, unfortunately, as a few of the seasonal beers I was hoping to try were tapped out. It’s the nature of the business, though, and they had plenty of offerings remaining to keep me from crippling despair. The selections are a good plethora of local and non-locals crafts as well as the standard domestic and foreign offerings.

I didn’t try the food this time since I ate before I went. You do get free popcorn. Make fun of me if you want, but I’m by far not the only who gets happy when bars give free munchies.

Aside from the football game, they had the World Series playing (as well as other random sports programming) on some of their million and two TVs. Also going on in the background was their weekly bar trivia contest. I got to lament the absence of the Rams’ passing game while trying to figure out the names of the territories in South America on a Risk board.

All in all, a great place you’ll likely find me at repeatedly within the next couple years. So to do some dutifully earned plug work for them: Reno’s has a bunch of weekly drink specials, bar games and activities, and of course walls and walls of TVs to watch your games. Go to their website for the specific details.

Finally thank you Pre-Law Alex, our affable bartender. I’ll keep my word and not mention in this blog how you also thought the Great Lakes Brewery was in Michigan…