get it while it’s fresh

A nice education on my favorite beer ingredient

alcohol by volume

If you are a hops fan, I’m not telling anything you don’t know when I say it is fresh hop season! Fresh hop beers are now available on beer store shelves and on draft throughout the nation. Each region has these beers available at slightly different times, but for the most part, the peak is about now.

In the fall season of mild Oktoberfests and spicy pumpkin beer, fresh hops beers stand out as a remarkable style all on their own. In order to understand the significance of fresh hops (sometimes also called “wet” – this is a source of debate) in beer, you have to understand them as a plant.

Hops are the female flowers or seed cones of the Humulus lupulus plant, and they are harvested in the fall. After harvest, they quickly dry and loose some of their more characteristic flavors which influence flavor and aroma in beer. 99%…

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